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[DETONATES YOUR BEDROOM DOOR BUT BURNS MY FACE LIKE A L00S3R AND RUNS IN, VIOLENTLY SMELLING YOUR EYES] Hello my friends, thanks for visiting ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ I reblog Transformers and Team Fortress 2-- well actually, I'm pretty unpredictable X'D but anything that's funny/touching goes :] I don't like dirty stuff and I never reblog rumors/drama so you're relatively safe here with me :] I also do many MANY inside jokes with friends so I do make esoteric posts and add in text for GIFs ゚ヮ゚ Occasionally I'll still have swear words and/or derpy convos, I'm not totally censored just as a heads up xD And without further ado, have fun poking around in my archives too and if you want to send asks (no anons because they're a little too weird xD), go ahead :] I somewhat role-play Blaster :D Background came from thehydracoalition's lovely Schmidt GIF collection x'D
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Got the inspiration for this from this reblog
And the GIF came from newvagabond


Got the inspiration for this from this reblog

And the GIF came from newvagabond

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